Meet Athena from Athena & Co

Athena & I met many years ago at a one of KARMME’s first markets, she bought a tote bag and we got chatting all things creative making and I have followed her journey on social media as her beautiful jewellery brand has grown from strength to strength.

When the festival range ideas were brewing in my mind I wanted to tell a story of how & where the bags would be worn, the idea for the collection had sparked from a DJ set that I attended and I immediately thought of Athena & Co jewellery as being the perfect complimentary accessory for this range.

As I worked on making the outfits for the campaign shoot, Athena & I started to throw some ideas around about what she could create that would work with each look. I’m in love with all the pieces she created and so this capsule collection is available to purchase. Wear them layered or singularly, they are a beautiful addition to any outfit and pair perfectly with KARMME's festival range.

KARMME x Athena & Co; your complete accessory looks sorted.

I wanted to introduce Athena, the creative behind this brand to you all and get to know a little bit more about her business and process.

Athena, thank you for working on this with me and taking the time to share a little bit of you story with us.

Please let us know a bit about yourself, who you share your life with and how Athena & Co came to be.

I live by the beach south of Sydney, Cronulla beach. I’m a mum of 2 teenage boys who both love to surf….oh and I should include my husband who also lives for the surf. I work from my home studio where I design & make all jewels. I have a small dream team that help me with making. A+co evolved from a hobby of making jewellery pieces for friends. I’ve always loved a good old bead shop & love love love making and wearing jewels.  It became more a thing once I had my boys and left my full time job in the fashion industry and started to sell my jewels to people other than those i knew. It’s been a fun journey. I’ve learnt so much and met the most wonderful people. 

If you had to name one inspiration for your pieces, what would it be? 

My inspiration is … in all the world around us…!

Can you describe Athena & Co in 3 words? 

Fine, delicate pieces for the Love of Colour!

How did you come to know about KARMME? 

I must have seen her pieces online a few years ago and saw that Imby was going to be at a makers market held in Sydney. So I ventured in and met & bought one of her gorgeous bags. We became insta friends and I have followed & watched KARMME evolve & grow over the years. I now have several of her pieces…

Can you share a little bit about the process of creating this collection for the Festival Campaign.

It was super easy & fun to create this collection…Imby came to my studio and we played around with some ideas that would work back with her bags & apparel pieces she made for the campaign….Once we worked out the elements that we thought would work…it was easy to pull it all together..

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection and if so why did you pick this piece? 

It would be the starry nights piece. Which is such a fun, shimmer versatile piece. And I love stars… So hard to pick which is my fave bag in the festival collection…It’s probably between the I’m dancing shimmer in raspberry or Aqua?…Can’t decide. 

Ok, quick fire questions:

Something you do daily? I Walk our dog Stella every morning & afternoon…and try to fit a swim in too. 

Sea or snow? Sea

Yoga or running? Running but I should do yoga!

Sing alongs or techno? Sing alongs & a little dance music that take me back to the old party days….

Colours or neutrals? Colour…..of course!

Favourite meal? A good vegi loaded stir fry with noodles. 

Last book you read or Netflix series you watched? Ted lasso….loved it!

Quote that inspires you? Be yourself…

Do yourself a favour & check out KARMME x Athena & Co collaboration pieces and all the other divine pieces Athena & Co create.