What's in your bag... Sibella Court?

If you have visited The Society Inc you will know that Sibella Court has an amazing eye for style. A rambling warehouse filled with bits and pieces from seemingly around the globe. I stumbled upon Sibella's original Paddington shop when I first arrived in Sydney and would go on discovery adventures to acquaint myself with the new city I found myself in. Tucked away in a quiet street was literally a treasure trove, people spilled out onto the streets and I wondered to myself what is this amazing place, it was in fact The Society Inc, a market day I recall.

So when we asked Sibella, what she keeps in her Sista Cross body bag, I was of course intrigued!

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am founding captain of my company, The Society Inc - a homegoods & hardware manufacturer and retailer. My side hustle is designing beautiful houses & hotels.


How would you define your style?

Layered, textured, global, nostalgic, part pirate, part gypsy.


What do you love about the Sista Crossbody?

I can fit all the essentials in a compact take-me-anywhere way.


What’s in your bag? And why?

Linen face mask by @evasunday, Volvo key, Landlubber bottle opener @thesocietyinc, studio keys on SHIELD keyring & organic garlic.


What’s the most useful thing in there?

All equally important at present. But if I had to choose one, probably my car key.


Is there anything in your bag that shouldn’t be there?



How often do you clean out your bag?

Irregularly. It’s a revolving door of life’s daily essentials to get me from A to B.


Where do you see this bag taking you?

Everywhere and anywhere.


What does your bag say about you?

Ready to go at a drop of a hat!


Thank you for sharing what's in your bag Sibella.