Do you wholesale?

No. KARMME is an online business with the aim of producing in Sydney, beautiful quality leather goods at a reasonable price. To wholesale means the online prices must be raised and I’d like to keep as low as possible. KARMME does do pop up shops occasionally, please subscribe to be notified when and where.

Where can I see and touch KARMME?

KARMME’s studio is in South Coogee, NSW, you are welcome to pop by any time, just drop an email to hello@karmme.com.au to arrange a time.


Do the lines and marks on the clutch mean anything?

As leather is a natural product derived from an animal there are differences between hides and within hides. This means there may be variations in texture and feel, pliability and colour. The leather is carefully chosen. Marks on the leather may be the result of a scar, bite, scratch stretch marks on the animal, I think it adds to the beautiful nature of a natural product.

When photographing KARMME we try to give the truest indication of colour, however, lighting and screen differences sometimes make it hard to represent. The descriptions next to each clutch are there to help describe the colour you see. KARMME offers a full exchange if you are not happy with the colour you have chosen based on the representation on the website. I want you to love your KARMME lady.

Caring for your KARMME purchase.

KARMME's range is made from the highest quality Italian Cabretta leather. The range has an aniline finish to it. During the finishing process it has protection added to it. Spraying chemicals on this may affect the finish. It’s advised that particularly the lighter ranges be treated with care. If water is spilled, wipe it immediately with a clean cloth. Please avoid rubbing against denim, often the dye in denim is not washed out and can rub off on lighter leather colours, this is hard to remove. Any protection you apply should be suitable for an aniline finish on leather. The KARMME MAN range uses premium quality leather with a vintage finish, to condition any scratches you can use a suitable leather conditioner, please test in an inconspicuous place first.

Leather in its purest form is called aniline leather. Aniline leather is made from the best quality hides. It is a full grain leather that has been dyed, but has no pigmented or topcoat applied. It has not been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections or natural markings. The skin surface of the leather is kept intact, making the leather strong and durable. Each piece of aniline leather has its own characteristic features. Even the highest quality leather has natural marks, such as scars, veins, insect bites and wrinkles. Aniline leather is coloured with transparent aniline dyes, not pigments, so these natural markings are visible. Variations in colour, surface marks and the density of the grain make each piece of aniline leather as unique as a human finger print.

Aniline leather has a luxurious look and a soft, natural feel, however, because it has no protective topcoat, it is more susceptible to staining and wear than pigmented leather. Aniline leather is a durable material, but it does need a little more care to keep it at its best. It is best suited to those willing to put in a little more effort for a little more luxury.

A product recommended is Bags Amore Luxe Leather Protector - Water Based Leather Handbag Stain Protector, particularly for lighter colour bags, it can reduce dye transfer and make stains easier to remove.


Are all clutches lined with shibori?

All clutches except the shibori range are lined with hand dyed 100% cotton dyed in indigo using the shibori technique. The shibori range and some special edition clutches require only minimal crisp white cotton in their linings. KARMME work is lined in denim.

Can you make them a different size or add handles?

The design process for me takes a lot of head space! I have spent a lot of time creating a simple design with clean lines and sizings that I feel work for both functionality and aesthetics. I understand many people like a strap or handles however KARMME clutches do not come with that option. There is a place for a larger bag, KARMME's tote bag range and cross body is the perfect solution.

Can I request a certain shibori colouring?

The hides I receive from shibori textiles are unique and amazing every time. Within the hide will be colour variations. I am able to cut a darker or lighter piece if you have a preference, there is an option to choose your preference as you order, or you can leave it as no preference for design. 

Can the clutch be gift wrapped?

All KARMME ladies come in their own dust bag and are then wrapped like a gift with a hand written note to either yourself or to whom you may be gifting her to. Please pop a message in the additional notes box if you'd like me to add some special words.