What's in your bag...?

We wanted to explore what people carried around in their KARMME bag.
The first in our series is Briar, from Sunday Collector, who has the Structured Carry All in Pebble

Tell us a bit about yourself:
My name is Briar (although any Barista will tell you it’s Brian, and will call it out loudly). I’m a 40 year old Mum of two who loves coffee, asking questions, and a margarita. My daughter Sunday is 9 and my son Rafferty is 5. I’ve been married to my husband for 12 years. We love the beach, and although we were both born and bred in Sydney’s Inner West – we have happily settled in the Northern Beaches suburb of Fairlight. When I was 24 I made the career change from a graphic designer to a Set Dresser/Props Buyer in the film industry. I worked on some really special (and big) films over the years, before having my daughter, and starting my interior decorating business ‘Sunday Collector’. For the past nine years, I’ve worked with many lovely clients, helping make their home something they love to live in. From a letter box number to the tiles on a kitchen splashback – no sourcing question is too hard, I just love creating beautiful (and practical) spaces.
On the side, I’ve always dabbled with my original love of working on film sets, and over the past twelve months I have ramped up my time on those projects again – focusing on set decorating television commercials, which I am absolutely loving.
How would you define your style?
When it comes to interiors, I think I love too many things to define my style. I definitely like my spaces to feel cheerful. I’m a dedicated collector, I like living with colour, I love my walls to be adorned with interesting art – and I love styling interiors with high end and affordable pieces.  I also have a big love for unique/vintage finds. A favourite past time of mine is to trawl op shops and antique markets – which is why I pinch myself sometimes in my every day job as a Props Buyer - my favourite hobby is literally my job.
My style when it comes to fashion?....eek, I’d say it’s not as defined. I love active wear and have way too many pairs of sneakers. I also have a thing for a beautiful maxi dress, and hats and bags have always been a love of mine. You’ll also often find me at home in an oversize t-shirt of my husbands and trackies with paint stains on them. Let’s just say, I like to be comfortable.
What do you love about the KARMME Structured Carry All?
The generous size. The full length zip to ensure nothing falls out. The super soft leather. The colour. The gorgeous shibori lining, the bag honestly ticks so many boxes. It’s such a beautiful quality, and I love how the leather is so soft - the delicate folds and crinkles look like paper.
What’s in your bag? And why?
Everything but the kitchen sink, as the saying goes. I carry a lot on me, when my Mum life and work life collide, my bag will often have a mixture of kids snacks/water bottles, bandaids and the odd toy car. I’ll always find a tape measure for consultations and a tile or fabric sample left over from a presentation. I’ve also always got a notebook and pen on hand too – I’ve always been a big list writer. Remnants from a day on set will usually linger too... a blob of Blu-tak or a 3M picture hook. A visit to the beach with the kids will most likely be evident too, a little handful of shells, a bottle of sun cream (I’m currently loving my bottle of Naked Sunday).  I keep it pretty simple when it comes to day-to-day make up but I’ll always carry a tube of lip gloss and concealer with me for my dark under eye circles. I like to keep active and a good friend gifted me with a pair of Bala bangles recently – chic little weights that I pop on my wrists for my walks. Essential items are obviously my wallet (the one pictured is an old one that I purchased in Hong Kong over 13 years ago), and my reading glasses. I’ve also always carried a bottle opener on my key ring – you’d be surprised how often people ask for one.
What’s REALLY in your bag?
Really – the kind of random stuff you see in my photos. I could have curated a beautiful styled shot of three to four items – but I wanted to keep it real. I’d call it organised chaos in a very beautiful but handy bag.
How often do you clean out your bag?
I’d say fairly often! I’m an organised person – the older I get, I’m realising that a neat and tidy environment clears my headspace. I clean out my bag every few days – but also because I often switch around bags to fit where I am headed. Eg. a trip to the beach with the kids has a very different ‘bag vibe’ to when I’m headed for a workout by myself at the gym.
Where do you see this bag taking you? The bag is certainly versatile – easily switching from mum mode to work mode for me. I love that it fits so much, and it’s neutral colour will work with so many outfits, but I’d say this will mostly be on heavy rotation for work.
What does your bag say about you?
It says I love beautiful, good quality pieces that are also super practical. It also says I like to carry a lot of things around with me – you can never be too prepared, right?