What's in your bag..Sally Boyle?

Today we delve deep into Sally of Simmer & Boyle’s bag to discover what exactly does a recipe developer, food photographer, and infrequent blogger carry around in her bag?

I met Sally in person many years ago when I tagged along on a photographer's meet up organised by Luisa Brimble. There was promise of photography creative ideas chat & cake which was enough for me. I had nothing to contribute to the photography chat, in fact I got to just hold the cake. The cake was Sally's masterpiece and it was like heaven on the end of my fork.

I've been enamoured by Sally's photography, baking skills and all round nature ever since. I'm thrilled to share her skills and story with you as she shares what's in her Take Me Anywhere Driftwood bag from KARMME.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m an introvert, and totally rubbish at talking about myself!  I’m originally from the UK, have moved around a fair bit, and currently live in Sydney with my husband, two of our three kids, our dog, and way too many houseplants. I work from home, as a recipe developer, food photographer, and infrequent blogger. I’ve always felt comfortable in the kitchen, that’s where you’ll find me at parties. Hanging about in other people’s kitchens led to catering, and from there recipe development, blogging, and food photography was an organic progression. I used to teach English, I can’t see myself going back there, but I love the creative energy of workshops, so post lockdown maybe that will be my next step.

How would you define your style?

At home it’s relaxed, leaning towards the haphazard end of eclectic. I love vintage, quality pieces that last. The simplicity and elegance of the Scandi aesthetic really appeals to me, but I can’t pull that off, I’m more cosy cottage, my husband would say cluttered… As for personal style, I’m a jeans, t-shirt and sandals girl, in winter I’ll add a cardigan and scarf, but always sandals.

What do you love about the KARMME Take Me Anywhere bag? 

It’s beautiful quality, and the leather is wonderfully soft and supple. The size is perfect for me, I’ve never carried a large bag, even when the kids were small. The large pocket is ideal for stashing receipts, and perfectly fits my notebook and pen. Among the many quality bags on the market, I love that KARMME is a small, local, female led business, born from a genuine passion.



What’s in your bag? And why?

Exactly what you see in the picture, less a mass of receipts, a battered box of antihistamines, and twenty plus “trolley” dollars tossed in my bag on the way back to my car. This little bag is like the tardis!

The obvious trio of wallet, keys and phone need no explanation. I’m asthmatic and quite allergic, hence the antihistamines, Ventolin and EpiPen. My allergies mean I can’t really wear make-up, with the exception it seems of lip gloss, they’re my guilty pleasure! Not sure I need five in my bag… I always have a notebook and pen, handwritten lists are my thing, that’s a stack of little shopping lists, they’re in the bin now, I’ll sometimes search my bag at the supermarket, find 10 or so discarded lists, but not the current one!

There are often random pieces of vintage cutlery and other treasures in my bag, picked up at op shops and antique stores, if they’re not sharp, I’ll just pop them in my bag, and more often than not, forget about them. The twizzle sticks are dog treats for our gorgeous, quirky, wheaten Goose, he can be a handful but is very food motivated!

I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and my hands take a lot of abuse, I wash them obsessively so they’re always dry. Aesop hand cream is fabulous, not greasy and smells amazing, it’s an essential for me, especially in winter. Finally, the matches, I have no idea where they came from, and that book of stamps, it’s probably almost 10 years old, when were stamps 60 cents???


Is there anything in your bag that shouldn’t be there?

Probably the matches and knives, I’ve put them away. 

How often do you clean out your bag?

Very rarely! I don’t change my bag day to day; I keep the necessities in there, I’ll take a tote if I have to carry anything else, so it can get a bit messy.


Where do you see this bag taking you?

Everywhere! It’s perfectly neutral, classic and simple, day and night this will be my bag.


What does your bag say about you? 

I’m not fussy or flamboyant, and value quality and craftsmanship. When it comes to leather goods, I’m all for classic, elegant pieces, with a sprinkle of fun, the KARMME shibori lining is such a wonderful surprise.


Thank you Sally, yes the knives you may not need, but you never know :)

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