Part 1: Karmme Loved by My Mum

My Mum taught me to sew. I spent hours and hours in her sewing room growing up learning everything I could about the machines, choosing the right fabrics, placing pattern pieces carefully & garment construction. I made my clothes from about the age of 12 and Mum regularly spent a Saturday making an outfit to wear out for a dinner party or special occasion that night.
Alongside my sister, she's KARMME's biggest supporter, she still makes all the dust covers for KARMME ladies to be sent out in and she's the first in my series of  LADIES WHO LOVE KARMME LADIES.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am a happy, healthy, retired 74 year old wife, mother and grandmother living in in Perth

Where do you spend your Monday to Friday? How are your weekends spent?

I am a routine kind a person, in saying that my days are different. I usually spend a good part of my day at home, doing things I enjoy.  Outside the home I volunteer one day, go to the gym, shops when needed and cook, garden and sew.
Weekends are always spent outside or with life-long friends, we love to go out for coffee/dinner or entertain in, movies and drives are also very enjoyable to me.

Who do you share your life with?

I have been married to Peter for 49 years and as we are both retired we share the joys of a long happy marriage including our 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren.

What is something you love to do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly?

I love taking my time in the mornings, especially sitting in the sun enjoying my garden in a peaceful setting.  I love to cook
Travel is a priority, we have done a lot of travelling, however, there are still a lot of places I want to visit.
Catch up with  our daughter and grandchild over the weekend.  We miss our Sydney family.

Please tell us how you heard about KARMME?

Our very clever daughter is KARMME

Which KARMME ladies do you own?

I should photograph my KARMME drawer for this answer, although they are always in their dust covers!!

How do you use your KARMME? Are they every day must haves or special occasion accessories?

Each time I leave the house, my KARMME routine is…. Tote, with gypsy with mini. Out for coffee with friends I always have a clutch with a mini inside for my lipstick, keys, wallet etc.  Perfect to carry.

If you were to create a KARMME lady after yourself what would she be like? How would you describe her?

My KARMME lady would be my organiser.  She would be as wide as Desert Sky and deep with gypsy folds as I like the extra room, she would be secure with pockets.

Who is your favourite KARMME lady?

Desert Sky/smoke gypsy/my AZURE clutch, my very pink

India-Rose with Denim and white

Which KARMME lady is your alter ego?

Not sure here!!!  Maybe Gypsy because of travel

Why do you choose to support an independent brand like KARMME?

I wish everyone did xx

What’s your favourite quote to live by?

Be kind to other people

Thank you for being a lady who loves KARMME ladies

You’re welcome xx