What's in your bag... Amy Hagger?

With an eye for beauty in her surroundings and her love for my style of dresses, Amy caught my eye. We asked her, What's in your bag? and in today's blog post she shares what she loves about KARMME's original Almond Nougat tote.

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m Amy, a 38 year old from the south west corner of WA. I love fashion, interiors, music and all things botanical. 

Cold Milos and blonde toast with peanut butter and sliced banana are my secret obsessions. 

My partner is my high school sweetheart and our love of art brought us together all those years ago when we met at art camp on Rottnest Island, WA. I’m most proud of the garden we’ve created together at our home in Busselton. My love for horticulture developed when we returned from our travels around Australia in Roger our Toyota Hiace. I started collecting cacti and succulents from the local markets and as the plants started to thrive - so did my love for gardening. Since building our first home three years ago I’ve really enjoyed bringing our property to life with the landscaping; pottering in our garden has since become something I crave in my spare time, there’s always something to do! I am my happiest at home amongst our garden listening to the birds and relaxing. 

I have fond memories of growing up art and crafting with my mum, we were always making something with our hands and mum’s sewing room was a space I loved to sneak into to see what I could ‘borrow’ for my latest creation. My love for art has taken me through studies in art and design and the completion of an Advanced Diploma of Interior Design - now into my current role with a local tile and bathware showroom. I dabble in many roles including product selection, merchandising, styling, client consultations and marketing and social media. 

When I’m not in my garden I love spending my afternoons at the beach, listening to music and catching up with my family.

How would you define your style?

If you’d have asked me this question two years ago I could’ve easily answered it, but I’ve felt my style shift somewhat in the last 12 months so this is a tough question! 

When it comes to interiors my taste is eclectic. I love a mix of retro inspired shapes, handmade ceramics and textures like velvet, wool and linen. Earthy pinks, mustard and rust tones are my jam. Patterns and colour inspire me! I crave light, bright spaces with timber and lots of greenery, our plants bring our home to life. I’m changing a few things up right now to create a more modern, minimal space and I’m so happy with the direction I’m heading. 

When it comes to fashion, I love that you can change your personality for the day with clothing and accessories. One day I might feel like something colourful and patterned and the next I might like a simple linen dress in a neutral tone. Generally speaking I would say my style is modern bohemian; floaty dresses, oversized shirts and linen pieces are my go-tos. I love to collect quirky pieces to pair back with more timeless staples. I think fashion should be fun and make you happy! Australian labels like Kinga Csilla, Rowie, Zulu and Zephyr and Boteh are always coming out with killer collections.

What do you love about the KARMME tote?

I adore the ultra soft buttery leather in the Almond Nougat colourway. It’s the perfect tone for me to work into my wardrobe, a go-with-anything, timeless piece. I’m not one to change my bag often so I always tend to invest in a piece that is practical and functional. The pop of colour with the shibori lining is really unique and all the leather trim details and functional pockets make this tote pretty special. I love that my tote is designed and handmade sustainably here in Australia, supporting small business and creative industry means so much to me.

What’s in your bag? And why?

Well I’ve just been to the shops and have the latest issue of Real Living in there for lunch break reads… I have the standards like purse, phone, keys. I always carry USB sticks for work, headphones, my prescription glasses and a bottle opener, they are essential! I keep a daggy little pouch with all my ‘just in case things’ like hand cream, lip gloss, tissues, deodorant, bandaids and hand sanitizer. Chances are if we’re out and you need something I’ve generally got it, I like to be prepared!

What’s the most useful thing in your bag?

My pen! Always manages to save the day at the Post Office 😉

Is there anything in your bag that shouldn’t be there?

Occasionally I’ve got the odd receipt, my partner’s keys or a shopping list but I’m proud to say it’s in a pretty tidy state right now. 


How often do you clean out your bag?

I’m a pretty neat person, I clean my bag out every few days, I can’t deal with rummaging through my bag at the self-scan checkouts through a messy bag!

Where do you see this bag taking you?

Everywhere! I’ll be taking the tote to work,  beach dates, drinks you name it! I’ll be showing it to the countryside this summer and beyond.

What does your bag say about you?

I’m a practical girl that appreciates beautiful, detailed pieces that are made with love. 

Can’t leave home without…

A kiss goodbye, always x