Part 2: Ladies who love Karmme Ladies

Part 2 in the 'Ladies who love KARMME ladies series', we meet Narelle Da Silva.
I went to primary school with Narelle, my sister and I would pick up her and her two sisters and we'd ride to school together, cruising the quiet suburban streets of Perth. Her Mum designed and made clothes, we all even modelled them back in the 80's... she was one of the coolest girls I knew, and still is 'pocket rocket' personified.  She is a huge supporter of KARMME and I asked her few questions to share her with you all.

Please tell us a little about yourself. 

Narelle Da Silva Age: 46 years young

Where do you spend your Monday to Friday? How are your weekends spent?

I am lucky enough to have been able to mostly stay at home while I raise my 3 children so currently Mon-Fri for me are spent exercising in the early mornings and then I become an uber driver for many kids that frequent my 7 seater car on their way to multiple sports, classes, schools etc. I love to cook so spend at least 2 hours in the kitchen everyday but mostly I am a frustrated fashionista wannabe and definitely help the economy with my desire to shop literally for anything…
Weekends are spent again exercising, watching kids sport, cooking and always catching up with family and friends either out at a local fave or at our house as I love entertaining.

Who do you share your life with?

I have a great husband, two sons and a daughter who keep me super busy and I am lucky enough to have two sisters I’m very close too and my parents as well. In fact I have a huge family and really great friends whom I see every week. All the females in my life are all fairly similar and we all love to shop and appreciate good quality products whether its food, wine or clothes and accessories.
What is something you love to do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly?
I am a runner and I absolutely love it. It makes me feel happy, free, fit and healthy. I am definitely addicted to the endorphins I get from my morning run or recent race. I have always found it to be relaxing which as I type it, it sounds crazy…a little like me I guess.

Please tell us how you heard about KARMME?

I was at the Rottnest marathon with a group of my gorgeous female friends all bunked up in the old prison cells that are apparently luxurious on the island. We were all getting ready and my sharp eye for nice things spotted a bag that I hadn’t recognised before. I was all over it like a rash already mentally taking photos so I could begin the hunt for the elusive khaki coloured buttery soft leather pouch. I ended up succumbing when I realized it was not a Morrison bag  and asked my friend Wendy where she had bought the bag…well what a small world we live in when she told me about her friend Imby that makes them! I quickly jumped in to say that that must be Imby Denton my childhood friend from Leeming days and I was fairly confident there wasn’t too many Imby’s in the world. I immediately jumped on line to make my purchase of my very first Karmme bag with great excitement and feeling so very happy that gorgeous Imby was doing something so beautiful with her talent. As I scrolled the ladies I saw her, India Rose. Well it was love at first sight as not only is she a beautiful colour, she is the name of my beautiful little girl. I had to have it and one to pop inside to I got the shibori Azure mini to match. Just like that, I found a new obsession.

Which KARMME ladies do you own?

Nearly one of all of them I think….oops, that’s that obsession again.

How do you use your KARMME? Are they every day must haves or special occasion accessories?

I have a KARMME for every occasion and sometimes a few! I use my shibori Azure mini every morning at the coffee shop after my run. Actually it seems to be my wallet. I use my black tote to death for everything and save my navy one for jeans and nougat one for a white summery outfit. I really do have a KARMME in most colours so I always take one to match or suitable clash with every outfit. When I travel I use them inside the tote with toiletries in one, passports in one, jewellery in one and then I have them to match outfits while I’m out. I use the sunglass holders with my reading glasses that I need at all times and I have the rose gold sunglass holder for my sunnies.

Who do you buy KARMME for?

I have bought a KARMME bag for most of my girlfriends now and we often chip in and buy them for each other. I have also given them as a baby gift to use inside a baby bag.

If you were to create a KARMME lady after yourself what would she be like? How would you describe her?

Gee tough question because I change my style up all the time. I guess the reason I truly love KARMME, apart from the fact that I love supporting a friend, I like to wear pretty busy outfits sometimes so I think the simplicity of KARMME best accessorises my style.
I would probably choose rusty colour leather because I love red hair and the temper that is often associated with red heads as fiery, feisty.
KARMME creates the necessary simplicity that compliments the  chaos of my day. She calms me down…

Who is your favourite KARMME lady?

Are you kidding... I love everything too much... India-Rose is a personal fave only because it’s my daughter's name but ... Lush is pretty versatile I find and I wear her with army greens, golds and silver to glam up ... also love her with distressed denim  and a white t shirt and trainers.. I’m also a OTT KARMME user and have the mini inside the clutch inside the tote with the sunglasses pouch all at once! I love to live with excess!

Which KARMME lady is your alter ego?

Definitely Storm….cause I’m always on a slow boil. hahaha

Why do you choose to support an independent brand like KARMME?

I think it’s so important not only to support friends but all Australian business. We are in small business that relies on relationships with people and I always like to give back to anyone who goes the extra to help save our economy. I am also really interested in creative ideas and collaborations and just like to support people to continue to live their dreams. And I’m a big believer in karma…what you give to the world always comes back to you in ways you never expect.

What’s your favourite quote to live by?

Be kind, choose kind

Thank you for being a lady who loves KARMME ladies