Styling tips with Amelia McFarlane featuring Sista | Classic tan

Colour Me In Styling's Amelia McFarlane loves bringing colour into our wardrobes. Her styling is fun whilst being carefully curated. She shares with us how she styles neutrals such as Sista in Classic tan for herself and clients.

How did your career as a personal stylist start? I worked as a commercial stylist for many years. After my middle child was born, I started personal styling as I recognised how challenging it was to dress my changing body and the effect it had on my confidence. Once I found ways to adapt, I realised I wanted to help women in a similar predicament. I studied colour theory at the International School of Colour and Design to equip me with a sound knowledge and understanding on colour.  I’ve always had a burning desire to create art with colour, texture and composition and now I channel this through dressing people.

What does a style session with you involve? It depends on an individual situation. If a person is starting from scratch, then we’d go straight into a personal shopping session. However, if someone already has lots of clothes, then we will do a culling and ‘fresh eyes’ wardrobe session. I love to mix and match pieces,  showing clients how to get the most out of their wardrobe. Wardrobe gaps are also established in these sessions and if there are quite a few of these recognised, then we'll proceed with a personal shop on another date.  I also do colour consultations with an array of different coloured scarves, to help my clients establish their colours. This process allows my client to shop efficiently in future. The packages outlined are detailed on my website, along with a booking system to secure a date and time.
Have you always loved fashion? Yes, I’m a little embarrassed to admit, as a little girl, if mum ever bought me anything new I wanted to wear it straight away. I used to dress mum and dad before they went out for a special occasion. When I was at university I fell in love with op shopping. I’ve always had a deep connection with colour. If I’m not living creatively, then I’m not LIVING!!!

What’s your style mantra? Pick a colour palette and choose your clothes and accessories accordingly.

You’re known for your love of colour - how do you incorporate neutrals into your wardrobe? I love working with neutrals as a base. Tan sandals and heels should be your go to with all outfits. Especially if you want to keep your shoe buying habits to a minimum. The same applies to bags. A tan cross over bag (ie Sista) should - and can - be put to constant use.
Do neutrals go with everything? I don’t love neutrals with black, but that’s just a personal thing! I prefer black shoes and bag when wearing black and keep the whole looking sleek and elegant. However when you own a business with the name Colour Me In Styling wearing black feels incongruous.

What’s a style hack you swear by? Establish your ultimate colours, buy block coloured pieces in those colours and wear on high rotation.

Tell us about your KARMME bag. Why did you choose this piece? The Sista bag is such a practical size for everyday use. Keys, phone, cash, lippy, face mist = done! The quality of the leather is lovely and soft and I’m confident it will wear well over time. Tan works with every colourful outfit. I also encourage my clients and instagram Colour Me In followers to support local design - where each piece is made with love and careful consideration.

Where can we find you? I’m based in Sydney however (pre covid) I do travel to Melbourne and Adelaide frequently to take clients personal shopping. Next year I intend to hold workshops around Australia. Stay tuned for date releases on Colour Me In Styling socials and my website