The story behind KARMME and how these beautiful handbags are made

Welcome to those new to KARMME, a story about how KARMME came to be the go to hand bag brand for stylish and unique Australian made quality leather accessories.

But what makes KARMME so unique? The story behind the company is just as inspiring as the bags themselves. Read on to learn more.

KARMME is a handmade handbag brand that is based in Sydney, Australia.

KARMME's mission is to create beautiful handbags that will last a lifetime, and they achieve this by using only the finest materials and craftsmanship. Premium leathers are hand picked, cut and stitched by industry professionals with over 40 years experience in leather work. All design and production is done in Sydney, making KARMME truly an Australian handmade leather bag brand.

Handbag designs are carefully considered for both functionality and beauty. Raw materials are high quality, and each bag is made with great attention to detail. The materials are sourced from Australian suppliers, so you can ensure that your purchase is supporting local businesses.

If you're looking for a unique handbag of the highest quality, then KARMME is the brand for you.

How did KARMME start?

KARMME is an Australian designed & made handbag label that was established in 2015.

The brand was created by Imby, who was inspired to create a range of stylish, functional and affordable handbags when she found herself needing a handbag that could hold her phone, keys and purse that wasn’t a shoulder bag.

KARMME handbags are made from the highest quality materials and are designed to be versatile and practical yet stylish enough to take you from work to play.

The brand offers a wide range of handbags, including totes, clutches and cross-body bags.

KARMME handbags are available in various colours and styles, so there's something to suit everyone.

The brand is quickly gaining popularity amongst Australian women who appreciate style and function.

KARMME handbags are the perfect accessory for any woman on the go.

To read more on Imby's story on starting KARMME you can head to Fashion Journal to read an in depth interview.

How has KARMME evolved?

In the beginning, Imby designed and made all the KARMME pieces. It was after 18 months that she expanded to employ makers who in partnership have been integral in expanding the range offered by KARMME. All the signature linings are still hand dyed by Imby and production is always done in a collaborative fashion, drawing on the expertise of cutters and makers to ensure the highest quality accessories are locally produced.

'Sustainable fashion' : what does that mean for KARMME?

Sustainable fashion is one of the most important movements of our time. Whilst the term is thrown around plenty, what does it actually mean?

As we become more aware of the impact our choices have on the planet, we must seek out sustainable, planet-friendly options.

KARMME aims to be a sustainable fashion brand that produces beautiful, stylish handbags with a low environmental impact by producing locally, producing only what can be sold, using all raw materials with extremely minimal waste & choosing high quality leathers with natural finishes conforming to the strict European standards. 


By choosing to purchase from brands like KARMME, we can help support the sustainable fashion movement and positively impact the planet.

How do I buy KARMME?

KARMME is a local Sydney brand that designs and manufactures high quality, stylish and sustainable handbags, clutches and cross-body bags.

You can shop for KARMME bags online, or if you're in Sydney, you can visit their studio by appointment in Coogee.

You're guaranteed to find the perfect bag for your style and needs.

And because they're made locally, you can be sure that you're supporting independent Australian designers & manufacturers when you purchase a KARMME bag.


KARMME is a unique handbag company that offers stunning bags made from high-quality materials. The story behind the company is just as inspiring as the bags themselves, and we know you'll love our products.

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